In a room with my murderer

I look into the eyes of my killer, And I know I face certain death, There's no mercy in those eyes, and I bet: When the time comes there will be no hesitation either;   Pitiless, vast black pits of hell - did I see a flash of red? There's nothing else in this world... Continue Reading →

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Radiant Memories

"The sun set in the sea; the same odd sun rose from the sea, and there was one of it and one of me." - Crusoe In England, Elizabeth Bishop The most poignant part of 'lasts' in our life is you never know they're the last...the last hang out, the last conversation, the last hug,... Continue Reading →

Calypso’s Song

Tick-tock Tick-tock The clock mourns Its death toll.   Tick-tock.   My face is flushed, My eyes are red, I burn with the fire Of a thousand suns.   Tick-tock   The handkerchief is wet It could dry an ocean, But the last tear was one too many.   Tick-tock   The black spectacles lie... Continue Reading →


Someday... Someday I would like to run away. Not anywhere in this world, but somewhere far, far away. In my mind's eye I can nearly see it - a lush green meadow, brimming with sunlight, and blissfully empty. There I will drop the facade I am forced to carry around everyday, and be with... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Loyal Stalkers

Chhimmi Tenduf-La's third book 'Loyal Stalkers' fall into the hitherto unexplored space between novels and short stories. Even after I finished the book I still can't say with utmost certainity whether it was an anthology of stories, or a novel with different chapters. Here's the closest I can come to explaining it: It's a tapestery... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast

"Here" she thrust the folded piece of paper hastily torn from a notebook into my hands. Her perfectly manicured nails, though the school didn't allow us to wear polish, scratched my wrist and drew blood. "Give it to him". I watched her run away. Her lithe figure and grace made even the grey tunic of... Continue Reading →

Just In Jest

"Come on! What are you afraid of, chicken?" "I told you, I am not in the mood. Feeling really's been a long day". "It's not a competition. Just a playful thing, no marks, no winners. C'mon, where's your sportsmanspirit?" "Okay then. Fine". Dust and gravel are shaken out of their stupor; breaths in rhythm to the... Continue Reading →

A Song of Parting

We avoid each other’s eyes. The fly on the glass enchants me. He is riveted by my earrings; Silver little things that sparkle in sunlight, And dance with the wind.   Rip the bandage, Painful and quick! “I can’t do this!” I repeat the oft told lie, “It’s not you, it’s I”.   He doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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